My 4-Step Plan to Navigate the 2024 Bull Run

December 4, 2023

Welcome to another Crypto Weekly Digest brought to you by VirtualBacon.

This week, we focus on a four-step plan to navigate the anticipated 2024 crypto bull market. This period promises significant growth, driven by events like the Bitcoin spot ETF approval, the Bitcoin halving, the US presidential election, and potential quantitative easing from the US Fed. These factors combine to create a unique opportunity for savvy investors. We'll discuss strategies for timing your market entry and exit, maximizing gains while avoiding end-of-cycle pitfalls. As with every week, we'll conclude with a snapshot of market movements and pivotal project developments that have surfaced.

Step One: Basics

In preparing for the 2024 bull run, a key strategy is to anchor your portfolio with substantial allocations in Bitcoin and Ethereum. My approach holds 25% in each, emphasizing stability with these less volatile assets. While they may not deliver the 100x returns of some altcoins, their potential for consistent growth is significant. My projections see Bitcoin reaching around $200K and Ethereum hitting about $15K, offering robust yet safer returns compared to more speculative assets.

This 50% combined allocation in Bitcoin and Ethereum ensures balance in your portfolio, safeguarding against drastic market fluctuations. Their pivotal role in the market makes them crucial indicators for overall crypto trends. Ethereum's market dominance, in particular, makes it more than just an altcoin; it's a key barometer for the entire crypto market. Therefore, maintaining a larger percentage in these two giants is a strategic move for stability and growth in the upcoming market cycle

Step Two: Altcoins

The second crucial step in your 2024 crypto strategy is to select two to three altcoin sectors that resonate with you and understand well. It's vital to narrow your focus to a manageable number of areas, allowing for a deeper understanding and better investment decisions. My portfolio, for instance, emphasizes sectors like gaming, DeFi, and AI, each holding about 10%.

However, I recommend that most investors limit their focus to just two or three sectors. It's important to recognize that not all sectors popular in past cycles will flourish in the next. The market often shifts to new narratives, leaving behind some previously successful sectors. For example, while layer one and layer two blockchains were hot topics, their appeal may be diminishing as the market seeks fresher narratives.

Remember, crypto investing isn’t about covering every sector; it’s about mastering a few. Focus on areas that interest you and match your understanding. This approach will help you stay informed and make more strategic investment decisions during the upcoming bull run.

Step 3: Market Forces

Navigating the upcoming bull run requires a keen understanding of key market forces driving crypto and the broader market. Here are four pivotal macro events to watch:

  1. Bitcoin Spot ETF: Likely approval in early 2024, possibly by March. Understanding the impact of this event is crucial, as detailed in my Bitcoin ETF Approval Date video.

  1. Bitcoin Halving: Scheduled for April 2024, this event traditionally marks the beginning of a bull run. Past cycles suggest a sideways market leading up to this point. For a deeper analysis, check out my Bitcoin Price Prediction videos.

  1. Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing: Expected by late 2024, this could rejuvenate the market. The CME FedWatch tool provides insights into rate cut probabilities, indicating a return to easier monetary policies around September-December 2024.

  1. 2024 U.S. Presidential Elections: The year-long campaign will likely feature crypto-related policies, climaxing on November 5th, 2024. These policies could significantly influence market sentiment and direction.

Keep these dates marked and follow these developments closely to stay ahead in 2024.

Step 4: Exit Plan

In 2024, during a bullish market filled with key events, it's crucial to have a strategic exit plan. The essence of my approach is a threefold exit strategy, focusing on price targets, timeframes, and price patterns. I've detailed this extensively in my "Bitcoin Investing Plan for 2024" video - which I’ve linked above. I highly recommend watching for an in-depth understanding.

  1. Price Target: My first trigger for exit is reaching specific price milestones – $200,000 for Bitcoin and $15,000 for Ethereum. This isn’t about chasing improbable highs but setting realistic, yet significant, return goals.
  2. Timeframe: Secondly, based on past Bitcoin halving cycles, I plan to exit the market by the end of 2025, regardless of whether my price targets are hit. This timeframe aligns with the typical duration of post-halving bull runs, setting a wise time limit for investment.
  3. Price Pattern: The third condition revolves around key technical indicators. A break below the 21-week Exponential Moving Average (EMA) or the 200-day EMA signals a potential market shift, prompting an exit. This strategy has historically aligned well with market tops and bottoms, offering a technical perspective to my exit plan.

In summary, my exit strategy is triggered by any of these three conditions – a testament to the importance of planning ahead. Despite the potential market euphoria of 2024, having a pre-set exit plan is crucial to avoid getting caught in the subsequent downturn. Remember, what goes up must come down, and being prepared is key.

Altcoin Market and Project Updates

Now, let's check out the major altcoin gainers and losers from the past week, and catch up on key project updates.

Best Performing Coins of The Week

Worst Performing Coins of The Week

🟠 Starknet Foundation confirms airdrop plan's draft, says eligibility snapshot taken, amid circulating screenshots.

🟠 Uniswap Labs and Talos partner to offer DeFi access to institutional traders, enhancing liquidity and market depth.

🟠 Kyberswap hacker demands transfer of all company assets and documents, seeking full control over KyberDAO governance mechanism.

🟠 IOTA's token value jumps 43% following its new development foundation registration in Abu Dhabi, with a $100M token fund locked for 4 years.

🟠 Sei blockchain plans Ethereum Virtual Machine support in its V2 upgrade, enabling porting of Ethereum contracts, set for rollout in early 2024.

🟠 Circle launches USDC on Cosmos mainnet for native minting, enhancing cross-chain transactions and utility.

🟠 Chainlink has launched Staking v0.2, featuring a 45 million LINK pool and a nine-day priority migration for existing stakers, with broader access from Dec. 7.

🟠 Tron network overtakes Bitcoin as preferred platform for crypto transfers linked to Iran-backed militant groups, with a spike in Tron wallet seizures by Israel.

🟠 Google Cloud joins EigenLayer's testnet with over 65 operators, preparing for its mainnet launch in early 2024, despite concerns about centralization in Web3.

🟠 Hooked Protocol launches $50M fund for education ecosystem, integrating HOOK token into learning experiences.


To wrap up, let's revisit our four-step approach for dominating the 2024 crypto bull run:

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum Foundation: Ensure your portfolio has a significant percentage in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This not only provides consistent exposure but also helps manage FOMO associated with various altcoins.
  2. Focus on Key Altcoin Sectors: Identify two or three altcoin sectors that align with your interests and understanding. There's no need to spread yourself too thin across the crypto spectrum.
  3. Understanding Market Dynamics: Be aware of the major events shaping the market in 2024, including the Bitcoin spot ETF, the Bitcoin halving, potential quantitative easing from the US Fed, and the US presidential election.
  4. Crucial Exit Strategy: Develop an exit plan now, before market euphoria sets in. While your approach can be flexible, having clear targets and timelines is essential for capitalizing on potential profits. Even if you're a long-term crypto believer, it's important to navigate the cycles effectively.

As always, we've also taken a look at the altcoin market's biggest movers, alongside the key project updates from the past week. Stay informed and prepared for what's next in the dynamic world of crypto.

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